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Mermaid & Ocean Craft Kit Earring Holder

Mermaid & Ocean Craft Kit Earring Holder

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This is a fun craft kit for anyone to make. Each kit includes everything needed to create your very own, unique earring holder.

Kit includes:
* 5 x 7 Wooden Frame
* Plastic Mesh Screen
* Protective craft mat to work on
* Paint Brush
* Acrylic Paint (5 different colors and clear glitter)
* Glue
* Fabric flowers (Flower colors may vary slightly)
* Beads/Gems/Embellishments (Embellishments may vary slightly but will be within the selected theme)
* Brackets/Ribbon for hanging or Easel
* Instructions

This project allows the "artist" to be creative and inspired as they design and decorate their earring holder. The earring holder can be displayed using the easel or hung up with the ribbon and metal hangers (Selection made when ordering).

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